A large number of buildings, of varying sizes, use point-of-use filtration devices to deliver bacteriologically-controlled water or to manage the risk of Legionella.

Buildings don't always have the tools, the personnel or the necessary financial resources to monitor and trace the points-of-use that need securing.

This is where AQUATOOLS Services can help.


Easy to track AQUATOOLS filter maintenance action plans 

AQUATOOLS presents its FILT’RAY Scan App for managing and servicing FILT’RAY point-of-use filters in healthcare facilities and Public Buildings.

Filter installation and removal service

Our technicians are available to install and remove AQUATOOLS filters

AQUATOOLS offers a service for your building, carried out by technicians who are fully trained in the installation and removal of filters in medical environments and/or public buildings.
All your water points-of-use will be traceable, in hard copy or via the FILT’RAY Scan App.

Additional services

AQUATOOLS can carry out an analysis of the water quality in your facility by carrying out clogging tests to identify the best product solutions according to your needs.