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FILT'RAY (R)evolution

New range of FILT’RAY anti-Legionella and all-germ point-of-use filters

AQUATOOLS has launched a new range of space saving FILT’RAY anti-Legionella and all-germ point-of-use filters for taps, wall showers and shower heads.

AQUATOOLS new website

AQUATOOLS launches its new website

A new look and even more services

All product documents are freely available: data sheets, photos, certificates, installation guides, etc.
Access the latest news on hygiene and prevention of water-related infections, discover our scientific publications and our themed dossiers. 
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A range of additional fittings for water hygiene

AQUATOOLS has launched the "Essentials" range for water hygiene at the point-of-use: spout outlets for mixers and taps, hygienic washbasin wastes, auto-draining device for shower mixers, disposable shower kits, etc.