Our new products

HYGIENE+ waste

This hygienic basin waste is installed by tightening it onto any basin or sink. The lack of a central screw means that water can drain freely and avoids the build-up of debris, removing niches where bacteria can develop.
The concave grid prevents water and impurity retention. The waste is pre-scored with snap-off sections that can be removed for models with an overflow. 

Auto-draining device

This auto-draining is installed on the outlet of a shower mixer to automatically drain the shower head and the flexible hose.
It prevents water stagnation and reduces bacterial proliferation.

HYGIENE+ outlet

Made from Hostaform, its smooth internal surface has nowhere for scale or impurities to adhere, reducing the spread of bacteria and waterborne germs. This spout outlet can only be installed on a tap or mixer with an already limited flow rate in order to maintain a good flow without splashing.

Disposable shower kits

Disposable shower kits are ideal for healthcare facilities. The coloured conical union on the flexible provides a rapid visual check of the installation and replacement dates for the kit. 
The kit is available in 2 colours (yellow and blue).