FILT’RAY 1-month tap filter

Ref. AT030727
FILT’RAY 1-month tap filter



FILT’RAY 1-month tap filter

Ref. AT030727
AQUATOOLS anti-Legionella and all-germ tap filter.
Device made from ABS.
Membrane type: tubular microfiltration.
Membrane made from polyethylene.
Pore cut-off threshold: 0.1μm nominal and 0.2μm absolute sterilising grade.
Filtration flow rate: 6.3 lpm at 3 bar and 2.2 lpm at 1 bar
(filter only, excludes any flow rate restriction in the tap).
Maximum upstream pressure at the point-of-use: 5 bar.
Maximum lifespan: 1 month from installation.
Resistance to thermal shocks: 70°C for 30 minutes.
Resistance to chemical shocks: active chlorine levels up to 100 ppm
for 1 hour (cumulative total).
Non-sterile filter.
CE marked class I medical device.
Packaged in boxes of 10.


Anti-Legionella and all-germ

Lifespan: 1 month from installation

Bubl'air Wash

Bubl'air Wash: longer filter life

Maintenance aisée - Installation aisée

Rapid installation with no tools required



FILT’RAY 1-month tap filter

Ref. AT030727
Technology Point-of-use filtration
Height 72mm
Length 75mm
Flow rate 6.3 lpm at 3 bar, 2.2 lpm at 1 bar
Lifespan 1 month
Certificates ACS Logo CE Logo WRAS



FILT’RAY 1-month tap filter

Ref. AT030727

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