atp microbial kit for clear water
  • Analyze clear water or water with few suspended solids
  • Quantitative measure of the biomass or total active flora
  • 100% of viable micro-organisms detected
  • Ultra-fast results in just 3 minutes
  • Monitoring and microbiological mapping of complex networks
  • Quality management, biological risk management
kit atp metry QGA for clear water


ATP 2G rapid microbiological analysis kit
for clear water

The QGA™ kit is recommended for clear water with low level of total suspended solids (TSS; matières en suspension, MES). This kit measures the precise amount of intracellular ATP (excluding extracellular ATP from dead cells). The quantity of ATP measured (in pg/mL) is directly proportional to the quantity of viable micro-organisms (in EM/mL). Learn more

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aqua-tools advantage

aqua-tools provides a broad-spectrum analysis that covers the entire range of microbial diversity, including bacteria that are viable but non-culturable.

Your requirements

Measure the biomass or total flora of water

Continuously monitor the microbiological quality of water within a system

Optimize cleaning and disinfection procedures

Your applications

• Water for human consumption +

Tapped water (groundwater, surface water), treated water, drinking water, pure and ultra-pure water, clean and ultra-clean water, etc.

Download the application information sheet (PDF) "Assessment of microbiological risks and water safety management"

• Sanitary water +

Sanitary water in health care establishments (hospital centers, rehab centers, residential care homes, etc.) and public buildings, swimming pool water, spa water, etc.

Download the application information sheet (PDF) "Biological monitoring of cooling water circuit and sanitary water by ATP 2G"

• Water in cooling circuits +

Circulating water in water cooling towers for public buildings, water used for cooling industrial processes, etc.

Download the application information sheet (PDF) "ATP-metry technology for autocontrol of cooling circuit"

Download the application information sheet (PDF) "Investigations and Audits of sanitary water and cooling towers"

• Industrial process water +

Water used for cleaning-disinfection, industrial process water (rinsing, cooling, heating, cutting, surface treatment, steam production, etc.), water included in finished products, technical water (treated by reverse osmosis, deionized, filtered, etc.), used water with low levels of TSS, clarified water, recycled water, etc.

Download the application information sheet (PDF) "ATP-metry technology for autocontrol of cooling circuit"

aqua-tools questions

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