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Extranet platform

Managing health risks in health care facilities requires safe management of user points and rigorous tracking of maintenance procedures.

FILT'RAY filters can be used for a maximum of 31 & 62 days and 3 & 4 months, depending on the model. They must therefore be replaced periodically. In order to assist you in managing the filter maintenance, aqua-tools has created an extranet platform: FILT'RAY ™ DataManager. This networked software program works with Datalogic Memor, which can read 1D barcodes or 2D QR codes (as needed).

FILT'RAY ™ Datamanager

FILT'RAY ™ Datamanager is an extranet platform that can be accessed by a secure login from a fixed location, a tablet, or a smartphone connected to the Internet.
Once each point of use has been assigned an identifier (the room number, for example), the software allows the user to track the number of days remaining before filter replacement, organize interventions, define authorizations and archive maintenance procedures. FILT'RAY ™ DataManager is a relevant tool that integrates perfectly with health and safety record software.
Filter replacement data can be recorded manually or automatically (see below).
Alerts prompting filter replacement are sent automatically (by email or text).

Datalogic Memor

To enhance efficacy and minimize the risk of error, filter replacement data can be managed automatically using the portable Datalogic Memor terminal.
Compact and lightweight, the Datalogic Memor terminal is ergonomically designed for single-handed use. Its robust design permits it to withstand accidental drops, splashes and dust. The reader can scan 1D barcodes or 2D QR codes and transmit them via Wi-Fi or 3G-3G+.

tracking device for POU filters

The dedicated FILT'RAY ™ Datamanager application should be downloaded before using the terminal. Using coded labels on the filters and/or at points of use, the application can automatically send filter replacement data. Labels are automatically generated by the platform and can be printed using any adhesive label printer.

Datalogic Memor technical specifications:

• Compatible with Windows, MacOS, Linux;

• QR/barcode laser scanner or imager;

• Connectivity: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g 2.4Ghz, Bluetooth IEEE 802.15 class 2, HSPDA/EDGE/3G/3G+ voice and data, USB;

• QVGA 2.2” touch screen;

• 624 MHz processor.

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