point of use legionella filters
  • Sterilizing-grade filtration effective against all germs
  • Certified filters for Legionella, Pseudomonas, Aspergillus
  • Fight nosocomial infections
  • Control the bacterial content of water
hospitals manage biological risks

Hospitals: Control

Biological risks

At points of use with terminal

Tap water filtration

aqua-tools Infection Control Solutions provides health care facilities with sterilizing-grade terminal or inline tap water filtration devices.

Healthcare Associated Infaction (HAIs) are the focus of enhanced vigilance in health care facilities. .

In these facilities, the risk of HAIs linked to the water supply is directly due to the presence of pathogenic and opportunistic micro-organisms in the water. These germs can arise from:

• proliferation within the facility’s distribution network (the most common case);

• internal contamination due to the accidental introduction of germs at the point of use by patients (retrograde contamination), at technical points by maintenance staff or elsewhere (technical failure);

• external contamination due to uncontrolled pollution or technical disruption of the public network.

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There are many different kinds of waterborne micro-organisms that can cause nosocomial infections: bacteria, cyanobacteria, mycobacteria, protozoa (single-celled parasites), fungi (mycota), algae, viruses, etc. These infections can include:

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Waterborne contamination routes

The transmission of micro-organisms is most often associated with:

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