Innovative company
specialized in water safety plan and Infection Control Solutions for
Healthcare and nursing home against Waterborne pathogens
Including Legionella pneumophila

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meet us at the legionella conference at Baltimore !
The 9,10,11 May 2018, will take place the conference on managing legionella and other waterborne pathogens in Building Water Systems.
Program ?
  • Experts from worldwide, will discuss together to praical management and prevention of Legionella and technical solutions to reduce future outbreaks.
  • Sharing on innovations developed  in testing,water treatment, system modeling, plumbing design, mitigation strategies and products to prevent the next outbreaks.

Wednesday 9 May 2018
- Opening.
- Root of the problem : Biofilms.

Thursday 10 May 2018
- Detecting and Quantifying Microbial Contamination / Monitoring and Analytical techniques.
- Management technologies for Prevention and Mitigation / Water treatment technlologies: Pros and Cons.
-Status of methodologies for quantifying risk/ Risk assessment and risk estimation.
-Plumbing system design and Structural Contributing Risk Factors
-Experiences in Managing Pathogens in Building Water Systems/ Risk Mangement Case Studies in Hospitals and Building.
- Building a Strategy for Managing Building Plumbing Risks: Management Approaches.

Friday 11 May 2018
- Program for prevention and protection actions 
- Advices and recommandations.
- Closing.

Our innovation ?
2G  Legionella Filters
for Longer extended Life duration
31 & 62 days and 3 & 4 months

FILT'RAY 2G Point of Use filters, showerhead filters, faucet filters, inline filtersWith terminal filters, it ensures water distribution  bacteria. free.
With a self-cleaning membrane"Bubl'Air Wash", it provides high quality filtration and a comfortable flow rate for users.

Longer extended life of duration of this new innovative generation of Disposable Water Filters have the ability to decrease change out labor, volume of waste but also reduce burdensome for patient when the filters are being changed in their room.

Brought back to a monthly cost, the purchasing of only one extended life filter (62-days, 3 or 4 months) will always be less costly than buying two, three or four 31-days filters.

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  aqua-tools, 3 departments related to water :


Manufacture of disposable Water filters 31 and 62 days qualified. Pioneering with the single use filters with extended life up to  3 and 4 months  which reach a 99.99999% efficiency thanks to a patented Bulb'Air Wash technology.
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Rapid Microbial Solutions

Take control, track microbes & monitor critical with ATP 2G kits. A rapid Microbial Risk Assessment tool for field investigation.
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Ballast Water

The new rules about ballast water impose to evaluate the number of living organisms in ballast water before the discharge into the port . aqua-tools proposes the B-QUA kits, a rapid monitoring solution.
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