Why to use Point-of-Use Filters 

Bone Marrow Transplant / Neonates Intensive Care Unit / Intensive Care Unit / Burn Unit

Patients hospitalized in bone marrow transplan-tation, NICU and other high risk hospital units have zero immune system due to the treatments used for avoiding the reject of the bone marrow transplantation and other immune suppressing environment factors; thus the necessity to protect these patients from environmental contamination is accepted worldwide. For years, diverse ventilation systems and air treatment processes are dedicated to insure a specific air quality both in the corridors and in the patient s rooms but the necessity to control the water quality has appeared only more recently.
The increased surveillance and water quality control in wards hosting patients at both risk and high risk are in the framework of the global step called by WHO "Water Safety" Plan. Its application inside the healthcare settings is absolutely essential and the terminal filtration of water inside BMT units, where  the most fragile hospitalized patients in term of immune suppression, is an undisputable progress of the last decades.
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Open job position
Regional Sales Manager / Business Development Manager

Passionate Sales Manager with a proven track record of success with experience selling Innovative technology to Healthcare Facilities, leveraging relationship with Infection Prevention Departments.
Location : East , Midwest or Central US
Main Responsibilities:
  • Generate and execute sales plans and strategies to sell infection Prevention Point-of-Use Water Filter Technology at new accounts to meet defined territory revenue goals.
  • Sales leader to drive business in the central US, managing one sales rep in the east Coast, sales agents, and recruit other sales organizations/agents.
  • Take part in regional healthcare conferences, state departments of health, building relationships and educating the market on waterborne pathogens.
  • Ability to work in an innovative smaller company atmosphere.
  • Work closely with large, strategic current and prospective customers to understand business needs and recommend continuous improvement and innovation plans that will maintain and grow revenue.
  • Build strong relationships with Key Opinion Leaders and consultants.
  • Build relationships with personnel in the following departments; Infection Prevention, Facilities/Engineering, Risk Management.
  • Work with hospitals and regional hospital systems (IDNs) to gain opportunities, evaluations, sales and contracts for long term sales.
  • Bachelor s degree in Life Sciences
  • 5+ years of successful outside technical with experience selling to Infection Control departments History of working in a field that requires autonomy and self-motivation
  • Performs other safe, legal, ethical duties essential to achieving the business or operational goals
  • Demonstrated competitive drive
  • 30% - 40% overnight travel required to support sales territory
  • Must have a valid Driver's License and acceptable Motor Vehicle Record
  • High computer application literacy (including Microsoft Office Suite, and ability to learn internal business systems)

Disposable Water Filter
against Legionella & Pseudomonas

aqua-tools is the pioneer in development of Water Infection Control filters with longer performance life extended up to 4 months for a monthly cost reducing. FILTRAY2G provides a physical barrier for quick legionella & pseudomonas control and others waterborne pathogens in order to reduce Healthcare-Associated Infection and patient risk. Confirmed at an international level, our infection control filters can be used proactively in areas with high-risk patients and residents as an additional control measure to avoid plumbing pathogen transmission. These disposable water filters can also be used for hygiene of patients and residents. Innovative FILTRAY2G Point-of-Use filters have been launch in April 2017. Use Point of Use filters as a part of your Legionella water management programs. This technological innovation plays a main role to reduce Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) and Healthcare annual costs related to waterborne pathogens.
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