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" tolerance to early blockage due to a self-cleaning membrane "

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FILT’RAY 2G Point-of-Use Filters are First 

YEAR 2018
FILT'RAY2G filters are recommended for preventing Healthcare Associated Infections (HAis) from waterborne pathogens by constituting an immediate physical barrier against all water contaminants.

This technology enables you to rapidly secure faucets, showers and ice machines and ensures a high flow-rate for increased ease of use.

These filters will prevent the discharge of planktonic legionella and pseudomonas, and other waterborne pathogens from water.

They can be used as a temporary measure throughout a building, and as a long-term measure in high risk facilities with immune-compromised patients.

The aqua-tools filters have a higher tolerance to early blockage due to a self-cleaning membrane - Bubl'air Wash™ -

The Bubl’Air Wash™ technology
(manufactured by aqua-tools)
Has been developed as a self-cleaning mechanism which introduces turbulent flow during filtration to keep particulates from becoming fully trapped on the membrane and permits the filters to have long life use.

During filtration step, domestic water goes through microfiltration membrane, the water velocity triggers
the turbulence phenomenon permitting the suspension of solid particles out of the membrane surface.
Learn more on Bubl'Air Wash Technology: Here it is 
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