atpmetry for quantification of the active biomass
  • Real-time quantification of the active biomass
  • Anticipation and responsiveness in decision-making
  • Prevent loss of productivity
  • Evaluate the toxicity of untreated effluents
  • Manage maintenance procedures
microbial detection for used water





ATP 2G provides a novel biological indicator for improving the performance of purification systems incorporating biodegradation.

European regulations (Water Framework Directive, Masterplan for Water Development and Management; Directive Cadre sur l’Eau, Schéma Directeur d’Aménagement et de Gestions des Eaux) require that urban and industrial users of purification systems (stations d’épuration, STEP) find technical solutions for conserving water and minimizing production of polluted waste. Biological treatment of used water using micro-organisms therefore represents an important approach from a technical, economic and ecological point of view. However, the effectiveness and stability of current methods (activated sludges, lagoons, bio-filters, membrane bioreactors, etc.) depend entirely on the physiological and metabolic state of the biomass used in the biodegradation reactions. Learn more

Maintaining the purifying activity of these microbial populations is a daily challenge. The biomass can be altered, inhibited or destabilized by poor quality or toxic effluents:

• the presence of chemical pollutants (heavy metals, xenobiotics), organic pollutants (nitrates, phosphates) or inhibitors (salts, acids, etc.);

• unbalanced organic content (carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous, etc.);

• invasion by harmful micro-organisms (e.g. filamentous bacteria).

Micro-organismal stress or reduced microbial metabolism translates into decreased performance that can dramatically increase the treatment times needed to comply with quality standards (DBO5, DCO, MES, NTK).

Rapid microbiological analysis by ATPmetry provides the user with a reliable biological indicator that quickly and precisely quantifies the active biomass. Simple tracking of physio-chemical parameters is often insufficient to detect incipient biological shifts. Corrective measures are more effective if losses in activity or biomass are identified early. ATP 2G enables users to stay one step ahead!

ATP 2G evaluates biological activity

ATP 2G provides a clear advantage over traditional analyses used for purification systems because the technology directly targets micro-organisms and not their physio-chemical environment.

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Purification system maintenance with ATP 2G

Rapid microbiological analysis by ATP 2G is an efficient, low-cost surveillance tool that is easy to implement in the field and allows purification system users to track a variety of parameters in real time, including:

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QG21W™ analyses kit for activated sludges & used water

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