atp microbial kit QGO-M XPLD for organic fluids
  • Analysis of organic emulsion that are difficult to filter
  • Quantitative measure or the biomass or total flora
  • 100% of viable micro-organisms detected
  • Ultra-fast results in just 3 minutes
  • Quality management
Kit atp metry QGOMXLPD for emulsion, tensioactive substances


ATP 2G rapid microbiological analysis kit
for emulsions and tensioactive agents

The QGO-M XPLD™ kit is recommended for high-viscosity organic emulsions such as tensioactive agents (detergents, emulsifiers, surfactants, etc.) and cleaning products, cosmetics or personal care products. The kit determines the precise amount of intracellular ATP (excluding extracellular ATP from dead cells). The amount of ATP measured (in pg/mL) is directly proportional to the number of viable micro-organisms (in EM/mL).

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aqua-tools advantage

aqua-tools provides an analysis that is suitable for a wide range of emulsion viscosities (pastes, creams, gels, oils, lotions, etc.).

Your requirements

Measure the contaminating biomass of an organic fluid

Continuous monitoring of the microbiological quality of a system

Optimize cleaning-disinfection processes

Your applications

• Detergents and cleaning products +

Liquid detergents, soaps, gels, creams, tensioactive additives and emulsifiers, cosmetics and personal care products, etc.

Download the application information sheet (PDF)"Microbial control of your various components in aqueous phase by quantitative atp-metry"

• Paint, glue and additives +

Latex emulsions and other natural polymer emulsions, liquid organic additives and adjuvants, etc.

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