atp microbial kit QGO-M for organic fluids
  • Analysis of organic fluids
  • Quantitative measure of the biomass or total flora
  • 100% of viable micro-organisms detected
  • Ultra-fast results in just 3 minutes
  • Monitoring microbiological mapping of complex systems
  • Quality management
Kit atp metry QGOM for fuels,oils and organic fluids


ATP 2G rapid microbiological analysis kit
for fuel and oil

The QGO-M™ kit is recommended for low-viscosity organic fluids derived from fossil sources (crude or refined petroleum products), agricultural sources (oils, biofuels), chemical sources (fuel additives, synthetic oil, cutting fluids, lubricants, etc.) or mixed sources (fuels, combustibles). The kit determines the precise amount of intracellular ATP (excluding the extracellular ATP from dead cells). The amount of ATP measured (in pg/mL) is directly proportional to the number of viable micro-organisms (in EM/mL).

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aqua-tools advantage

aqua-tools provides a preventive tool to protect against corrosion, blockage or loss of quality in petroleum products due to microbial contamination.

Your requirements

Measure the contaminating biomass of an organic fluid

Continuous monitoring of the microbiological quality of a system

Optimize disinfection processes

Your applications

• Fuels and biofuels +

Fuels, biofuels and additives in the downstream petroleum industry, agro-industry, storage and distribution centers, logistics and transport, etc.

Download the application information sheet (PDF) "Rapid Microbial Routine Monitoring in Fuels and Fuel Systems by ATP 2G"

• Petroleum products +

Crude oil and refined petroleum products in the upstream and midstream industry, petrochemical industry, storage and distribution centers, logistics and transport, etc.

Download the application information sheet (PDF) "Use of Quench Gone Organic-Modified kits to follow up the microbiological activity in the petroleum industry"

• Lubricants and cutting fluids +

Cutting fluids used in the specialist metallurgic industry (machining, cutting), synthetic oils and lubricants, etc.

Download the application information sheet (PDF) "Metalworking Fluid Condition, Monitoring Microbial Contamination Monitoring The QGO-M Value Proposition F. J. Passman, PhD"

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