atp microbial kit for activated sludges and used water
  • Analysis of water containing very high levels of suspended solids
  • Quantitative measure of the active aerobic/anaerobic biomass
  • Early detection of filamentous bacteria
  • Ultra-fast results in just 5 minutes
  • Guide biodegradation processes
  • Quality management, management of environmental impact
Kit atp metry QG21W for activated sludges


ATP 2G rapid microbiological analysis kit
for activated sludges and used water

The QG21W™ kit is recommended for activated sludges and used water with a very high content of suspended solids (organic and mineral). The kit determines the precise amount of extracellular ATP and total ATP, as well as ATP that is specific to the filamentous biomass (a frequent contaminant of water purification systems). These values can be used to calculate:

the amount of intracellular ATP (in pg/mL) to determine the number of viable micro-organisms (in EM/mL). Learn more

the Biomass Stress Index™ (BSI) for determining the mortality rate or level of physiological stress in a microbial population (for example, after physical or chemical treatment). Learn more

the Active Biomass Report™ (ABR) for evaluating the biological activity of fixed purifying micro-organisms. Learn more

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aqua-tools advantage

aqua-tools provides a broad-spectrum analysis that enables tracking of the health status of an aerobic or anaerobic purifying biomass.

Your requirements

Quantify microbial flora to track purification procedures

Guide the biodegradation of organic matter

• Monitor the filamentous biomass in water purification systems

• Optimize aeration to reduce energy costs

• Optimize recirculation by tracking the ratio of the living/dead biomass

• Detect the presence of toxins in effluents from industrial sites

• Optimize the dose of growth factors and bioadditives

• Direct methanizer loading (in combination with the BMP test)

Your applications

• Used water +

Biological treatment of used water from urban, communal or industrial water purification systems: activated sludges, bio-filters, aerobic/anaerobic reactors, MBRs and UASB bioreactors, lagoon systems, etc.

Download the application information sheet (PDF) "Control of active biomass in biological waste water treatment systems through new generation of ATP-metry"

• Composting and methanogenesis +

Bio-production of methane (biofuel), bioethanol, compost, etc.

Download the application information sheet (PDF) "Operation and optimization of anaerobic biological processes, such as methanogenesis and anaerobic digestion, using ATP as a biological indicator"

aqua-tools questions

Have several different water qualities to analyze and want to know which kit is best for each? Ask us for advice!

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