atp microbial kit for paint, liquid and polymers
  • Analysis of water containing suspended matter
  • Quantitative measure of the biomass or total active flora
  • 100% of viable micro-organisms detected
  • Ultra-fast results in just 10 minutes
  • Optimization of cleaning-disinfection procedures
  • Quality management, management of environmental impact
Kit atp metry QG21i for cloudy water 


ATP 2G rapid microbiological analysis kit
for cloudy water

The QG21I™ kit is recommended for cloud water that contains suspended solids (organic and mineral solids). The kit determines the exact amount of extracellular ATP and total ATP. These values can be used to calculate:

• the amount of intracellular ATP (in pg/mL) to determine the number of viable micro-organisms (in EM/mL). Learn more

• the Biomass Stress Index™ (BSI) for evaluating the mortality rate or level of physiological stress within a microbial population after physical or chemical treatment. Learn more

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aqua-tools advantage

aqua-tools solutions evaluate the efficacy of a biocidal treatment on a biofilm or a species that is resistant to disinfection.

Your requirements

Measure the total biomass or total flora of water containing suspended solids

Continuous monitoring of the microbiological quality of water within a system

Optimize cleaning and disinfection procedures

Your applications

• Water in cooling circuits +

Circulating water from water cooling towers in public buildings, cooling water for industrial processes, etc.

Download the application information sheet (PDF) "ATP-metry technology for autocontrol of cooling circuit"

Download the application information sheet (PDF) "Investigations and Audits of sanitary water and cooling towers"

• Industrial process water +

Water used for cleaning-disinfection, industrial process water (rinsing, cooling, heating, cutting, surface treatment, steam production, etc.), used water containing sediment, etc.

Download the application information sheet (PDF) "ATP-metry technology for autocontrol of cooling circuit"

• Cataphoresis and surface treatments +

Cataphoresis baths containing active water-soluble materials and other baths used for surface treatment.

• Slurries and mineral suspensions +

Calcium carbonate slurries and other fine mineral suspensions.

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