monitoring of water quality by atpmetry
  • Quality management
  • Anticipation and responsiveness in decision making
  • Economic and environmental optimization
  • Managing cleaning-disinfection processes
microbial detection for process water





aqua-tools Rapid Microbial Solutions provides rapid microbiological analysis solutions for monitoring the quality of water used in industrial processes.

For many industrial sectors (energy, chemistry, agro-food, automobile, metallurgy, paper production, etc.), water is a major strategic resource. Water is used for a wide range of processes (cleaning, disinfection, rinsing, cooling, heating, cutting, surface treatment, producing steam and vapor, etc.) and to generate a large number of finished products.

In response to European directives (particularly the CE framework directive of October 23, 2000), which requires users to manage the use of natural resources in a sustainable and responsible manner, the issues raised by using an industrial water cycle have therefore become an integral part of environmental progress and performance measures implemented at production sites. Minimizing consumption, reducing the generation of polluting waste products, ecological treatment of effluents, recycling residual water, using rain water, managing health risks associated with water…the strategies used tend towards using water in a circular manner, while preserving resources, health and the environment.

Water quality: an economic and ecological challenge

Preserving water quality therefore constitutes a fundamental concern. Recycled, treated or stored water has a reduced technical quality due to the development of a complex biological flora (including bacteria, protozoa, algae, etc.) that most often takes the form of biofilms or gelatinous aggregates.

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Quality management with ATP 2G

ATP 2G rapid microbiological analysis is a diagnostic tool that is efficient, low cost and easy to implement in an industrial setting, and allows the user to:

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Analysis kit for process water: QGA™

The QGA™ rapid microbiological analysis kit is recommended by aqua-tools Rapid Microbial Solutions for:

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Other applications

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