atpmetry for petroleum and products
  • Quality management
  • Anticipation responsiveness in decision-making
  • Economic and environmental optimization
  • Manage cleaning and disinfection procedures
  • On-site analysis that does not require special training
microbial detection for petroleum products





aqua-tools Rapid Microbial Solutions provides rapid analysis solutions for evaluating the biological quality of petroleum products and avoiding the loss of quality associated with microbial contamination.

In the petroleum industry, biological contamination can have a significant economic impact, whether it occurs during crude oil extraction (upstream), distribution of petroleum products (midstream) or the production phase in refineries and petrochemical industries (downstream). Contamination is closely linked to the presence of water, and can therefore affect:

• crude oil extraction, via the groundwater or water used for boring;

• storage of newly refined petroleum products (due to the separation of the water and hydrocarbon phases that occurs during storage) or products that are subjected to long-term storage in reservoirs (strategic reserves);

• all stages of distribution where water could be introduced: ocean transport on oil tankers, river transport by barges, condensation or seepage in pipelines or vats, etc.

Most petroleum products can become contaminated (crude oil, boat diesel, automotive diesel, diesel for marine engines, domestic gas, kerosene, automobile gas, fuel, lubricants and synthetic fluids, etc.), but contamination occurs more frequently and can be more problematic in petroleum products that are poor in sulfur, rich in biodiesel or contain water and sediment. Learn more

Biological alteration of petroleum products

Contaminating micro-organisms (aerobic or anaerobic bacteria, yeast and mold) can grow:

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Quality management with ATP 2G

Rapid microbiological analysis using ATP 2G is an efficient, low-cost diagnostic tool that is easy to implement in an industrial setting and allows the user to:

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Analysis kit for petroleum products: QGO-M™

aqua-tools Rapid Microbial Solutions recommends the QGO-M™ rapid microbiological analysis kit for:

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