atpmetry for mineral and slurries suspensions
  • Quality management
  • Anticipation and responsiveness in decision-making
  • Economic and environmental optimization
  • Optimization of biocidal treatments
  • On-site analysis that does not require special training
microbial detection for slurries and mineral suspensions





aqua-tools Rapid Microbial Solutions provides rapid analysis solutions for evaluating the biological quality of slurries and preventing performance loss due to microbial contamination.

Slurries are solutions of fine, insoluble mineral particles suspended in a solvent (most often water). Precipitated calcium carbonate slurries (milk of carbonate of lime) are used often in paper manufacturing (as a coating), the agro-food industry (as an additive), pharmacology (as a diluent), chemistry (as a component), etc. These slurries are generated by direct carbonatation of hydrated lime in an aqueous environment (milk of lime) followed by dehydration (to generate powdered solutions) or concentration (to generate spreadable pastes). As calcium carbonate is not harmful to humans, it can be ingested with no ill effects as long as it is completely free of micro-organisms. Other sensitive application may also require a supply of pure water, deionized water, water purified by reverse osmosis, etc.

Due to their composition and the exothermic reactions that occur during processing, slurries and the “white water” generated by the associated procedures favor the growth of micro-organisms. A high biological burden (of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, algae, etc.) can affect quality and even pose a health risk. To avoid the generation of harmful substances and to ensure that only good quality effluents are recycled, the quality of the water used in different procedures or finished products must be rigorously managed. Industries use preventive chemical treatments (biocidal agents) and have begun to use biological analyses to track microbial contamination. However, these analyses do not always account for the wide diversity of microbes that can proliferate in these specialized nutritional environments. Learn more

Quality management with ATP 2G

Rapid microbiological analysis using ATP 2G is an efficient, low-cost diagnostic tool that is easy to implement in an industrial setting and allows the user to:

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Analysis kit for slurries: QG21I™

aqua-tools Rapid Microbial Solutions recommends the QG21I™ rapid microbiological analysis kit for:

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