atpmetry for lubricants and cutting fluids
  • Work health and safety
  • Quality management
  • Economic and environmental optimization
  • Monitor maintenance procedures
  • On-site analysis that does not require special training
microbial detection for lubricants and cutting fluids





aqua-tools Rapid Microbial Solutions provides rapid analysis solutions for evaluating the biological contamination of cutting fluids and other lubricating fluids used in the machining industry.

Cutting fluids are sprayed onto the area where metal objects or sheets are cut or processed. These fluids minimize heat build-up by lubricating and cooling the interface between the object and the tool. They improve productivity by limiting the amount of wear on a tool, prolonging the lifespan of numerical control machine tools, facilitating the removal of metal particles or reducing pinching or seizing. There are two types of cutting fluids: neat oils (refined petroleum products) and aqueous fluids (solutions or emulsions composed of over 90% water). These liquids often contain additives to improve their performance or longevity (emulsifiers, biocidal agents, anti-corrosion agents, anti-mold agents, etc.).

Regular contact with cutting fluids via aerosols and splashing is hazardous to the health of the user due to the dangerous substances and germs that they contain (carcinogenic, allergic or infectious risks). There are many safety recommendations designed to limit the risk of exposure and occupational disease. Prevention depends on worker protection (gloves, safety goggles, masks, etc.) and implementing best practices to minimize splashing and the formation of aerosols.

Contamination of cutting fluids

Aqueous fluids, which are often maintained at high temperatures and are rich in organic compounds, provide an ideal environment for microbial growth.

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Ensuring the safety and quality of fluids with ATP 2G

Rapid microbiological analysis using ATP 2G is an efficient, low-cost diagnostic tool that is easy to implement in an industrial setting and allows the user to:

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Analysis kit for cutting fluids: QGO-M™

aqua-tools Rapid Microbial Solutions recommends the QGO-M™ rapid microbiological analysis kit for:

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