health and safety water filter systems

aqua-tools is an innovative company specializing in water microbiology for the industrial, health care, and environmental sectors.

We apply our scientific expertise and technological solutions to quality and risk management in:

• health care facilities for controlling the risk of nosocomial infections;

• establishments that are open to the public (établissements recevant du public, ERP) for controlling the risk of Legionella contamination of tap water and water cooling towers;

• industries for tracking the quality of clean, used or process water.

aqua-tools’ activities are divided between three departments:

aqua-tools Rapid Microbial Solutions: Learn more

aqua-tools Infection Control Solutions: Learn more

aqua-tools Ballast Water Monitoring Solutions: Learn more

Preventing nosocomial infections

The importance of preventing legionellosis and other nosocomial diseases in hospital environments was outlined at the end of the 1990s. Prevention became even more important in 2002 due to a memorandum from the Ministry of Health, and combatting legionellosis was included in the list of priority activities in the national Plan for Health and the Environment in 2004.

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Specialists in rapid microbiological analysis

To help users monitor the water quality of their sanitary networks, Aqua-Tools H&S has developed analytical tools based on second generation ATP-metry (ATP 2G).

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Responsibility & lasting innovation

Lasting innovation is at the heart of the aqua-tools H&S development strategy. The tools and services provided for hospitals or establishments that are open to the public include relevant solutions for:

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