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hospitals manage biological risks

Hospitals: Control

Biological risks

At points of use with terminal

Tap water filtration

aqua-tools Infection Control Solutions provides health care facilities with sterilizing-grade terminal or inline tap water filtration devices.

Nosocomial infections (illnesses contracted during a hospital stay) are the focus of enhanced vigilance in health care facilities. Regulations regarding the control of biological risks, particularly memorandum DGS n°2002/243 of April 22, 2002 (which supplanted that of December 31, 1998), are particularly strict for facilities with a high number of sick or contagious patients and/or vulnerable individuals (infants, elderly or convalescent patients, patients with immunosuppression due to a trauma, an operation, an illness, treatment, etc.). Minimizing the risk of contamination via water (waterborne transmission), air (airborne transmission) or carers’ hands (person-to-person transmission) is a constant challenge for local hospitals, hospital centers (local or university hospitals), private clinics, centers for follow-up care and rehabilitation (établissements de soins de suite et de réadaptation, ESSR) and residential care homes for the elderly (établissements d’hébergement pour personnes âgées dépendantes, EHPAD).

In these facilities, the risk of nosocomial infection linked to the water supply is directly due to the presence of pathogenic and opportunistic micro-organisms in the water. These germs can arise from:

• proliferation within the facility’s distribution network (the most common case);

• internal contamination due to the accidental introduction of germs at the point of use by patients (retrograde contamination), at technical points by maintenance staff or elsewhere (technical failure);

• external contamination due to uncontrolled pollution or technical disruption of the public network.

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Nosocomial infections

There are many different kinds of waterborne micro-organisms that can cause nosocomial infections: bacteria, cyanobacteria, mycobacteria, protozoa (single-celled parasites), fungi (mycota), algae, viruses, etc. These infections can include:

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Waterborne contamination routes

The transmission of micro-organisms is most often associated with:

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