atpmetry for fuels and biofuels
  • Quality management
  • Anticipation and responsiveness in decision-making
  • Economic and environmental optimization
  • Management of cleaning and disinfection procedures
  • On-site analysis that does not require special training
microbial detection for fuels and biofuels





aqua-tools Rapid Microbial Solutions provides rapid analysis solutions for evaluating biological contamination of fuels, biofuels and organic additives and preventing loss of quality.

Biological contamination can effect most fuel types (boat diesel, automotive diesel, diesel for marine engines, domestic gas, kerosene, automobile fuel, biofuel, etc.), but occurs more frequently and is more problematic for fuels that:

• have been de-sulfurized to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions (which is required by environmental regulations). The lower levels of sulfur compounds (sulfides and sulfates) promote the growth of yeast and mold;

• contain biofuels (biodiesel, ethanol) or certain organic additives (anti-emulsifiers, anti-mold agents, detergents, etc.). These organic compounds can serve as a source of nutrition for micro-organisms.

• contain undesirable elements: silt, sludge, water, sediment, etc., which can be found in poor quality fuels or at the bottom of fuel vats.

Biological changes in fuels

Micro-organismal contaminants (aerobic or anaerobic bacteria, yeast and mold) can grow:

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Fuel non-compliance

The following issues can lead to loss of fuel quality and even to non-compliance with regulations due to the many problems they can cause for the user and the environment:

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Biofuel sensitivity

Biofuels are produced from a primary biomass, which is typically a vegetable oil (beet, wheat, corn, soy, canola, sunflower, palm, etc.) but can also come from an animal or organic source (used oil, fermented waste).

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Quality management with ATP 2G

ATP 2G rapid microbiological analysis is an effective, low cost diagnostic tool that is easy to implement on site and allows storage center managers to:

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Analysis kit for fuels: QGO-M™

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