atpmetry for cooling tower water
  • Manage Legionella risks
  • Methodological analysis of risks
  • An efficient biological indicator for reliable self-monitoring
  • Monitoring and mapping of complex circuits
microbial detection for cooling and tower water





aqua-tools Rapid Microbial Solutions provides rapid microbiological analysis solutions for managing the risk of Legionella contamination of water cooling circuits in cooling towers.

Water cooling towers that cool water via evaporation must be declared (or registered, depending on the power) as installations subject to regulations regarding environmental protection (ICPE - section no. 2921). Managing Legionella risks in cooling towers is also required for public spaces (ministerial statements from December 13, 2004 and December 14, 2013).

A methodical risk analysis (analyse méthodique des risques, AMR) is needed to limit the risk of Legionella distribution in the air and proliferation within a water-based network. The regulatory measures include primarily:

• a maintenance plan that defines the maintenance activities and preventive treatments to be applied;

• a surveillance plan to verify the effectiveness of preventive measures by tracking indicators (self-monitoring procedures and regulatory analyses) and to define the corrective measures to take if a shift in the indicator values is detected;

• a record of maintenance and monitoring activities.

Risk management with ATP 2G

Rapid microbiological analysis by ATP 2G cannot replace required biological analyses. However, it is a useful first line self-monitoring tool that is efficient, low cost, easy to implement and allows the facility manager to:

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ATP 2G is a biological indicator of overall quality

The total biological burden as measured by ATP 2G is an indicator of overall quality. Exceeding a predefined critical value could suggest:

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Analysis kit for water cooling networks

The QGA™ rapid microbiological analysis kit is recommended by aqua-tools Rapid Microbial Solutions for:

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