atpmetry for composting and methanogenesis
  • Real-time quantification of the active biomass
  • Anticipation and responsiveness in decision-making
  • Prevent loss of productivity
  • Evaluation of the toxicity of primary materials
  • 100% of micro-organisms detected
microbial detection for methanogenesis





ATP 2G provides a novel biological indicator for improving the productivity of biodegradation processes used in methanogenesis and industrial composting.

Eco-friendly recycling of organic waste (household waste, green waste, sludge from water purification systems, agro-industrial residues, etc.) via the production of biofuel, bioethanol or compost represents an important future challenge technically, economically and ecologically. However, the efficacy and stability of biodegradation processes (digestion in a methanizer, fermentation in bioreactors, maturation in a composter or a composting heap) are completely dependent on the physiological and metabolic state of the biomass driving the biodegradation reactions. Learn more

Maintaining the activity of these microbial populations is a daily challenge. The biomass can be altered, inhibited or destabilized by low quality or toxic matter, including:

• the presence of polluting chemicals (heavy metals, xenobiotic agents);

• imbalance of organic matter (carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous, etc.);

• increased oxygen concentration (methanogenesis) or a texture that prevents aeration (composting).

Micro-organismal stress or decreased metabolism can translate into decreased performance, which has a significant impact on productivity and yield.

Rapid microbiological analysis using ATPmetry provides the user with a reliable biological indicator for quickly and accurately quantifying the active biomass. Monitoring physico-chemical parameters is often insufficient to detect incipient biological shifts. Corrective measures are more effective if any loss in activity or in biomass can be identified early. With ATP 2G, users can stay one step ahead!

ATP 2G evaluates biological activity

ATP 2G provides a clear advantage over the analyses that are traditionally used in composting or methanogenesis because the technology directly targets the micro-organisms of interest and not their physic-chemical environment.

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Guiding processes using the BSI value

The Biomass Stress Index™ (BSI) is determined using samples of material in the process of decomposing.

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Analysis kit for composting and methanogenesis: QG21W™

aqua-tools Rapid Microbial Solutions recommends the QG21W™ rapid microbiological analysis kit for:

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