rapid microbiological analysis kit for ballast water
  • IMO compliance for ballast water discharge
  • Analysis of zooplankton, phytoplankton and bacteria
  • Ultra-fast in less than 1 hour , 3 fractions
  • Detection of planktonic organisms with rigid cell walls
  • Evaluation of ballast water treatment procedures
Ballast Water kit for IMO compliance



The Ballast Water Monitoring kit* using an ATP-Based detection method called ATP-metry 2nd Generation (ATP 2G). This innovative rapid method was developed and scientifically validated to indicate the number of living organisms in ballast water.
It can be used on board of vessels and to provide clear indications of compliance or non-compliance with the discharge regulations regarding international standards as IMO and US Coast Guard.
This new method is a part of the ballast water management plan.
The ballast water kit provides materials to perform 100 analyses for each fraction: zooplankton (≥50µm), phytoplankton (≥10-<50µm) and bacteria. Learn more

*Filtration membrane and ATP extraction for zooplankton (≥50µm), phytoplankton (≥10-<50µm) by beads beating are developed and manufactured by aqua-tools (France), chemicals reagents are made by LuminUltra (Canada), and validation has been done by aqua-tools (France) and SGS Group (Switzerland). Ballast water equipment tool are proposed by aqua-tools ( France).

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Download the rapid on board ballast water compliance within one hour by ATP 2G (PDF)

aqua-tools advantage

A certified analysis that facilitates compliance with international standards for ballast water discharge.

Your requirements

• Measure the total biomass of the regulated categories of micro-organisms;

• Evaluate the regulatory compliance of ballast water before discharge into ocean water;

• Evaluation of treatment technologies and BWM systems;

• Manage your Ballast water management plan;

• A quick indicative compliance checks of the ballast water regulation ;

Your applications

• Ballast water +

Compliance with IMO (International Maritime Organization, Ballast Water Management Convention) et USCG (United States Coast Guard, Regulation 46 CFR 162.060) regulations.

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