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All of the tools necessary for your analyses (luminometer, analysis kits, consumables and other supplies) can be ordered separately. A bag allows you to transport all of your equipment in the field. Don’t wait any longer, personalize your MicrobialToolBox!

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aqua-tools is continually improving ATP 2G technology to make it even more powerful, faster, more accessible and more practical for use in the field.

The most recent technological improvements at aqua-Tools include the following:

• Rapidity and convenience of analysis: reagents, tubes, syringes and automatic micropipettes have been redesigned to improve user comfort, precision and speed of analysis;

• Analytical accuracy: the reagents have been adapted to the organic/mineral load of the water sample to be analyzed. The buffer solution (LumiSolve™) optimizes ATP solubilization (by preventing precipitation or adsorption) and protects enzymatic activity (by counteracting the activity of inhibiting agents such as salts, pigments, organic compounds, heavy metals, etc.);

• Enzyme stability: the new enzymatic formulation (Luminase™) improves the stability of the luciferase over time. The reagent is therefore stable for several months and can be transported and used in the field at ambient temperatures;

• Simplification of analysis protocols : the protocols have been simplified to be clearer and more informative, so they can be easily understood by anyone. Your company’s technical personnel can easily become responsible for taking the measurements;

• Portability and mobility of measurement tools: the most recent luminometer models (LB 9509 Upgrade™ or PhotonMaster™) are more compact, more robust and less cumbersome than those of the previous generation. They can be transported easily (powered by rechargeable batteries or by a USB port) and connected to a laptop or tablet computer;

• More applications: the associated analyses and protocols have been improved to be adaptable to numerous industrial waters and fluids (8 kits for close to 40 applications);

• Data management: data acquisition and treatment are accomplished using a dedicated application that is functional and ergonomic (LumiCalc™). Physical units (RLU - Relative Light Units) are converted into biological units (pg ATP/mL or ME/mL) using the UltraCheck™ standard curve. Conversion into biological units is essential for comparing data from multiple luminometer models (historical, comparative).

How to use aqua-tools kits

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