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Our advice and expertise at your service

We use our scientific and technical expertise to help our clients develop procedures for quality management, risk management or environmental compliance. Specifically, we help implement ATP-metry technology (sampling, analytical protocols, interpretation, microbiological mapping, etc.) to best fit their company and address their specific needs. We offer support via telephone and video chat, and even on site (subject to conditions).

Technical evaluation of the quality of water and fluids

Our Rapid Microbial Solutions department’s well-equipped modern laboratory allows you to identify the best analytical strategy for your company. Trust your samples to our technical team, who will conduct microbiological tests to determine their quality. Our team will then be able to recommend the best ATP-metry kits and protocols for your situation.

Technical evaluation of biocide effectiveness

We help companies to optimize their disinfection procedures (chemical or alternative) with the goal of reducing their use of synthetic biocides and the consequent impact on the environment. Just send us your samples and biocidal agents, and our technical team will determine the optimum dose to use and the most useful ATP-metry kits for confirming the effectiveness of your company’s treatment strategies.

Technical evaluation of new disinfectant solutions

We also provide advice to companies that specialize in developing new eco-friendly solutions for disinfecting water and other fluids (used water, tap water, process water, slurries, organic solutions, fuel, paint, etc.) to help them identify the most active compounds and determine dose-response curves for managing biological contamination.

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