Managing cleaning-disinfection processes

Kits for rapid microbiological analysis using ATP 2G:

kit atp metry QGA for clear water QGA 2G

Clear water with few suspended solids

Kit atp metry QG21i for cloudy water QG21-I 2G

Cloudy water containing suspended solids

Kit atp metry QG21W for activated sludgesQG21-W 2G

Activated sludges and used water with a high level of suspended solids

Ballast Water kit for IMO complianceBW 2G

Ballast Water Monitoring kit

Kit atp metry QGOM for fuels,oils and organic fluidsQGO-M 2G

Fuels, oils and low-viscosity organic fluids

Kit atp metry QGOMXLPD for emulsion, tensioactive substancesQGO-M XPLD 2G

Emulsions, tensioactive substances and high-viscosity organic fluids

kit QG21S for Paint, liquid polymers and chemical fluidQG21-S 2G

Paint, liquid polymers and chemical fluids containing polymerizable organic material

atp Dsa kit for surfaces and test couponsDSA 2G

Surfaces and test coupons

The analytical tools distributed by aqua-tools I&E are designed by the Canadian company LuminUltra - Labels and certificates applied by LuminUltra.

Ballast Water Monitoring kit including Filtration membrane and ATP extraction for zooplankton (≥50µm), phytoplankton (≥10-<50µm)
by beads beating are developed and manufactured by aqua-tools (France).