FILTRAY Point-of-use water filter showerhead and faucet against legionella

Fight nosocomial infections:

  • Sterilizing-grade filtration effective against waterborne contaminants
  • Certified Disposable Water filters for Legionella pneumophila, Pseudomonas aeruginosa & Aspergillus

Address high risk patients :

  • Bone marrow/solid organ transplant units
  • NICU
  • ICU
  • Oncology wards
  • OR Surgical scrub sinks
  • Burn units

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Infection control filters

Do you have Legionella outbreak in your facility ?

Longer lasting faucet and shower Legionella Point-of-Use Water Filters (1-4 months) to address Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs), improve efficiencies and reduce cost in healthcare facilities.

FILT’RAY 2G Filters sterile are FDA 510 K Clearance as Medical Device.



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FILT'RAY 2G Point-of-Use Filter

What is Legionella ?
Legionella are bacteria which can infect humans and leads to legionnaires' disease. Legionella is transmitted through inhaling water vapor : Thus, areas like cooling towers, air conditionning, showers, faucets are sensible to legionella contamination. That is the reason why, it’s important to protect residents or patients with legionella filters.

Minimize the risk of legionella contaminants and others waterborne pathogens

Disposable water filters (Legionella water filters) are a new part of Infection Prevention Control to reduce Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) and annual cost.

HAI's in the hospital increase length of stay by 15.6 days. $2 billion per year and 80 thousand people in medical care are related to premise plumbing pathogens. (American Medical Association)

FILT'RAY Point-of-Use filters (shower, faucet and inline/ice-machine), Legionella faucet filter prevent the discharge of planktonic legionella & pseudomonas and others waterborne pathogens from tap, shower outlets and inline filters.

They should be used primarily as a temporary measure until a permanent safe engineering solution is developed and are complementary solutions with secondary disinfection program.

Long term use of Point-of-Use filters are becoming a standard in the following high risk units immune compromised patients. Bone marrow/solid organ transplant units, Burn units, Oncology units, NICUs/ICUs, as well in the OR for surgical scrub sinks.

They may also be considered where high level of disinfection of water systems may dislodge biofilm.

Innovative FILT'RAY Legionella Point-of-Use-filters (faucet,shower,wall mounted shower) Days 31 & 62 days and 3 & 4 months of use.

FILT'RAY 2G faucet water filter

Faucet filter
straight outlet

FILT'RAY 2G wall mounted water filter

Faucet filter
shower outlet

FILT'RAY 2G in-line water filter

Inline filter

FILT'RAY 2G shower head water filter

Showerhead filter

FILT'RAY Legionella Filters - A part of Legionella Risk Management proposal for building water systems.

FILT'RAY Point of use water filters, a part of your Legionella Water safety plans to minimise risk of legionella and other waterborne pathogens.

Chemical or thermal disinfection are a response, implementation of treatment work can be taken but it will have a lower efficiency if the cause of Legionella proliferation is not identified.

FILT'RAY Filters are now included in more Water safety plan.

Developing a water management program of Legionella Risk Management.

Infection control solutions

Secure Water Systems Supply in Healthcare and nursing home

Infection control solutions

Point-of-Use Waters Filters have been used as an additional control measure and secondary disinfection programs that provides an immediate physical barrier to waterborne pathogen transmission including Legionella pneumophila and pseudomonas.

Legionella filters solutions

Longer lasting Legionella Point-of-Use-Filters (shower, faucet, inline) address infections, reduce risk and cost in healthcare facilities.

Longer lasting Point-of-Use filters (1,2,3 & 4 months) decrease labor, volume of waste and overall cost to healthcare facilities.

Evaluating the monthly cost of Point-of-Use Filters, 2, 3 and 4 months filters, there is a decrease in overall cost compared to 1 month filters (Baron and al., 2014).

Single use 31 days Single use 62 days Single use 3 months Single use 4 months

Point-Of-Use Water Filters provide a physical barrier to waterborne pathogen transmissions (Legionella, Pseudomonas) from water in healthcare facilities. Evaluation of the efficacy of filters was conducted by Special Pathogens Laboratory, The Legionella Experts®(USA).

Why facilities should develop legionella water safety plan and consider point-of-use filters?

The facilities that should be concerned with Legionella are those containing domestic hot and cold water distribution and those that expose the patients or occupants to water likely to emit aerosols that may cause the spread of legionella.

Healthcare, Long Term Care, Rehabilitation Facilities, Hospitality & Public Buildings

Technologies for infection control in premise plumbing systems

CMS requirement to Reduce Legionella Risk in Healthcare Facility Water Systems to Prevent Cases and Outbreaks of Legionnaires’ Disease

Scientific Literature Review – Office of Water EPA 810-R-16-001 September 2016.

Point-of-Use (POU) filtration is defined as: "the use of a device applied to a single tap for the purpose of reducing contaminants in drinking water at that one tap. POU filtration can be used at specific taps, faucets and showerheads as a temporary measure to provide a physical barrier against Legionella.

Hospitals have used this technology as a way to reduce disease transmission through potable water (Ortolano et al., 2005). POU water filtration may be an effective measure for remediation situations if a controlled area in the water system can be targeted.

Filters can be installed immediately and are a better alternative than restricting water and providing bottled water.

Many home owners; facility owners; and operators of hospitals, nursing homes and hotels utilize POU membrane device, often in a proactive and preventative manner, but also in response to emergencies (USEPA, 2006d). Many hospitals use POU membrane filtration proactively in areas with high-risk units with immune compromised patients. Bone marrrow/solid organ transplant units, Burn units, Oncology units, NICUs/ICUs, and in the OR for surgical scrub sinks.


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